Author: Nicole Maxwell

Premature Pubarche: What Is It And Why Should We Care?

Has your child developed early pubic or underarm hair?  Premature pubarche (PP) is when girls under 8 and boys under 9 have premature development of pubic and/or axillary hair. It tends to happen more in girls.  It is different from “precocious puberty” because it does not include breast buds or testicular development and there usually isn’t increased linear growth (height). One thing to note, PP is a diagnosis of exclusion – meaning we have to rule out other possibilities first, and once that is done, PP is considered a normal variation of development.

What could it mean for the patient long term? PP has been associated with a higher risk of a variety of conditions including obesity, insulin resistance, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular issues; and mental health issues (even during childhood).  

If one has PP then we can start helping that child to avoid these potential health issues with diet and lifestyle changes, reducing chemical exposures, appropriate supplementation, monitoring and providing education for the child and the family.

Taking care of kids is a passion of mine.  If you have concerns about your child’s development, please reach out for an appointment. 

Great Improvement in my Mental and Physical Awareness

I have seen Dr. Maxwell during the past 9 months and feel a great improvement in my mental and physical awareness and health. I have recommended Dr. Maxwell to a few friends, including my husband who will meet with her this week. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Dr. Maxwell and know my body and health better now compared to a year ago. I am grateful for Dr. Maxwell’s communication style, knowledge and patience in teaching me her patient. Highly Recommend! TJMc

Trish M.

Did you know you are a Super Organism?

Every day we carry around 10 times more microbial cells than our own.  As Dr. George Weinstock, professor of microbial genomics says, “You’re not just a human, you’re a kind of super organism because you’re a community of all these things that are with you your whole life”.

Our microbial partners carry out a number of metabolic reactions that are necessary for human health like:

  • harvest energy from foods
  • improve gut motility and function
  • reinforce our gut barrier
  • protect against pathogens
  • synthesize vitamins, hormones, and amino acids
  • influence our brain, liver, kidney, skin and vaginal tract function
  • and much more!

Due to innovations in testing, we can now identify the microbial communities, their genes, and use that information in helping people return to health.  At Boise Natural Health we can test for over 50 different microbes that inhabit your GI tract and review them with you.

Here are two easy ways you can start feeding your good gut bugs now and keep that super organism that is you functioning optimally!

1. Feed your bugs resistant starches.  Resistant starches increase our beneficial population and increases short chain fatty acids – food for the good gut bugs.

  • Oats. Oats are one of the most convenient ways to add resistant starch to your diet.
  • Cooked and cooled rice. Resistant starch amount increases over time.
  • Beans and legumes. Soaked and heated.
  • Raw potato starch. 1 tbsp a day in smoothie or overnight oats. Don’t heat.
  • Cooked and cooled potatoes. Don’t reheat – think salad.
  • Green bananas. Replaced with simple sugars as they ripen.

2. Eat a phytonutrient rich diet!  In other words, like mom said, eat your vegetables.  Go for a rainbow of colors at two of your meals. If you’re an omnivore, consider going vegan for two nights of the week or more.  Check out the recipe section on our website or these other websites: and

For more help keeping your super organism healthy, feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consult at Boise Natural Health Clinic.

COVID Which Exasperated Major Digestive Issues

My Mom contracted COVID in January which exasperated major digestive issues. We were in crisis mode from mid-January until early February when I thought to contact Dr. Nicole Maxwell. At that time, Mom was on a liquid diet, she had been in the ER (3) times and was having TIA-like episodes nightly. We both feel that without Dr. Maxwell’s prescribed protocol and intervention my Mom would not likely be with us today. In two short weeks, my Mom has seen 50 – 80% improvement in her symptoms. We are working diligently to get to the root cause, and are optimistic Mom will make a full recovery. Thank you simply isn’t enough! We are very grateful to be able to have Dr. Maxwell on our team. She’s thorough, compassionate, proactive, and quick to respond. We highly recommend her and Boise Natural Health!

Boosting My Immune System and IV Ozone Treatments (MAH)

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for Dr. Michaela Falkner at Boise Natural Health Clinic. As a two-time Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor & Bone Marrow Transplant recipient, I came to her in dire need of boosting my immune system and decreasing my severe autoimmune issues/EBV. I flew in from Los Angeles to do IV Ozone treatments (MAH) over the course of 6 weeks. It was very worth it because Michaela is AMAZING. I’ve had these health issues for many years and no one’s been able to shift them quite like this. I came out of those treatments feeling much better than I’ve felt in years, like I was on top of the world. I am incredibly thankful for Michaela, her kindness and empathy, and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to revitalize their health to book an appointment with her.

Want to be 3 Years Younger in 8 Weeks?

Old lady happy staring at the mirror

A new research study from the National University of Natural Medicine’s Helfgott Research Institute show’s us how, in a simple and naturopathic way.  Why do we want to be younger aside from feeling better?  Age-associated health decline is associated with cardiovascular disease, stroke, Diabetes type 2 and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Fitzgerald, ND, IFMCP said that if can slow down aging by a single year (with the extended lifespan) then we can save the United States $38 trillion.  That jumps to  $367 trillion by 10 years.  The impact on our economy and our society is tremendous.

Old lady happy staring at the mirror

The simple interventions targeted DNA methylation patterns that predict biological age.   DNA methylation capacity is a major driver of aging and the associated diseases and if patterns are optimized then aging slows down.

Wouldn’t it be great to be biologically a year or even 3 years younger?  The study parameters were quite simple and involved 5 areas:

  1. Diet:
    1. The intervention was plant-centered with targeted foods that support methylation (see footnote 2 for specifics)
    2. Low in carbohydrates
    3. Limited nutrient-dense animal proteins like egg and liver
    4. Mild intermittent fasting (no food from 7pm to 7am)
  2. Supplements:
    1. Probiotics
    2. A proprietary powder combination of vegetables, fruits, seeds, herbs and plant enzymes
  3. Exercise
    1. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days of the week at 80% maximum perceived exertion (rapid breathing, can’t talk now!)
  4. Breathing
    1. Individuals were taught a relaxation breathing technique to use twice daily. I also encourage the use of meditation apps like Insight Timer, Calm, Headspace, etc. If you use Insight Timer you can find me under the name Nicole in Boise with a photo of a boy on a log
  5. Sleep
    1. Individuals were encouraged to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night

The Horvath NDAmAge Clock showed that the treatment group was, on average, 3.23 years younger than the control group.  And the participants in the treatment group were 1.96 years younger at the end of the program compared to when they started.

Although one significant limitation of this pilot trial is limited statistical power due to the relatively small sample size, I for one am happy to make these simple changes to maintain a healthy biological age.  I realize confirmation of these results is needed in larger study groups (they are currently enrolling for a larger study) and populations beyond middle-aged men.

I hope you find this helpful in supporting a more youthful metabolism in the new year and beyond.  For more individual support please feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicole Maxwell at Boise Natural Health Clinic.

Lyme – Felt Amazing After 10 MAH (IV Ozone) Sessions

I started seeing this patient when she was a young girl for minor issues. Six years into our visits the patient began to complain of body aches.  On a blood exam, I found she was deficient in B12 and folic acid.  We did a series of vitamin B injections which greatly helped but she couldn’t go long without one.  Then her liver enzymes became abnormal, and the fatigue got more and more pronounced.  She was having a difficult time at school, and everything seemed extra stressful for her.

 Through testing, we discovered she had Lyme disease and that it was the root cause of her issues: depleting her adrenals and her nutrients.  I recommended 10 MAH (IV Ozone) sessions.  Her parents were cautious at first because they had never heard of the blood being ozonated then reintroduced into the body, and it was expensive.  However, we had a long working relationship built on trust and good health, so they opted for the treatment.

We had a follow-up visit several months later.  The patient had done 10 MAH sessions and she felt amazing!  She didn’t have to rely on B vitamin injections anymore, her body aches had resolved, and she had energy again.

EBV / Epstein Barr Virus – Reactivated Mononucleosis Resolved with MAH (IV Ozone)

I started seeing my next patient when she was 36yo.  Her main complaint was fatigue, foggy thinking, and a short temper.  We implemented various treatments that improved her symptoms by 70%. However, if she stopped the protocol her symptoms returned.

We tested for mononucleosis which came back active.  The patient also had an unusual rash that first occurred in college when she originally contracted mono.  I sent her for 10 MAH sessions.  She decided to research ozone and MAH before receiving the treatment and after deciding that it was safe and effective, she did her 10 sessions.  She felt better after six sessions but completed all ten.  Her fatigue, the rash, and the foggy thinking resolved. Best of all she was no longer irritable.

Getting to the Root of Hair Loss, Strategies Old and New

Many people suffer hair loss, and it can be devastating to our sense of self. Hair shedding is part of a natural balance — some hairs fall out while others grow in. When the balance is interrupted — when hair falls out and less hair grows in — hair loss happens.

The three most common types of hair loss are:

Androgenic Alopecia: this is the most common cause of male and female pattern baldness. It occurs in more than 95% of men and often in a well-defined “M” pattern. In women the hair becomes thinner all over the head, but the hairline does not recede.

Poor nutrition: this can be from diets high in animal fat and processed foods or deficiencies of biotin, protein, zinc, vitamin D or iron. We can help you optimize your diet and decipher your gut health to promote better terrain for hair growth.

Hormonal imbalance: low levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause hair to grow more slowly and become much thinner. We dive further into this aspect here https://

We can also provide you with compounded hair loss solutions! This includes using minoxidil, finasteride, items to enhance absorption like tretinoin and azelaic acid, hormones like progesterone, antifungals like ketoconazole and more. Check out this video from Central Drugs about the possibilities:

Vitamin B12 & B complex injections at Boise Natural Health!

We are pleased to support our patients with this safe and effective treatment.

Whether you are an athlete looking to optimize energy and performance or are a busy parent or employee experiencing stress or low energy, you now have another option available at Boise Natural Health Clinic. 

Intramuscular injections are a safe and efficient way to get your vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. In Washington State, Dr. Maxwell successfully treated many of her patients experiencing low energy, headaches, joint pain, forgetfulness, mild anxiety or depression, trouble concentrating and weight gain with B12 shots. Whether you are looking to boost your energy, maximize your weight loss, or reduce your pain- these 5-minute injections are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.

Below are just a few of the benefits of B shots:
• Boost energy
• Aid in detoxification
• Strengthen the immune system
• Improve hair, nails, and skin
• Promote weight loss and healthy metabolism
• Decrease pain naturally
• Improve mood
• Decrease stress

Studies have shown that nutrient injections result in higher levels of vitamin and nutrient absorption. This is because an intramuscular injection allows you to bypass the digestive system so stomach absorption is not an issue.  The nutrients are rapidly delivered directly to where they need to be. Additionally, nutrient shots allow for higher and more therapeutic doses of nutrients to be delivered as compared to what can be digested and absorbed through the stomach. When ingested orally, high doses of nutrients can upset the stomach, an issue which is avoided with nutrient injections.

Nutrient injections can be customized for patients based on specific lab results but popular options available for general purposes include our:

  • B-12: Contains Methyl-B12, great for boosting energy & cognition
  • B-12 & B-complex combo: Methyl-B12 and additional B vitamins.

A potent combination to supports optimal health.  Perfect if you are looking to maintain or improve overall well-being.

More About B-12

Many individuals may be deficient in B12, including vegetarians, vegans and other individuals who might have trouble naturally absorbing B12, especially seniors. As such, B-12 is a staple in every IM injection.

B12 is a complex vitamin that not only improves energy, mood, and stress, it also supports many integral systems in the body. It is crucial in the proper functioning of the brain, nervous system, and the blood. B-12 is also important for memory, the immune system and plays a key role in the body’s metabolism, DNA synthesis and energy production.

Vitamin B12 shots may sting slightly when administered, but most patients claim that the discomfort is minimal. There is occasionally some slight tenderness at the site of the B12 injection for a short while. Overall, individuals have reported minimal negative side effects to receiving B12 shots. 

The amount of B12 an individual needs depends on the current levels of B12 in their body and their specific symptoms. A consultation with a doctor at Boise Natural Health will ensure that you are getting the optimum combination of nutrients for your needs.

Injections can be administered in the clinic or prescribed for home use.