Naturopathic Medicine

Family Medical CareDr. Haynes Assessing Patient

We provide comprehensive general care for the whole family – men, women and children – treating both recent illnesses and ongoing chronic problems. Our focus is on treating the whole person. We encourage education, self-responsibility and prevention.

Women’s Health Care

We provide routine annual exams and offer natural treatments for conditions ranging from infertility, endometriosis, PMS, and menopause. We use salivary and urinary hormone testing.

Nutritional Services

An inflammatory diet, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and disturbed digestion can often be the cause of, or contribute to, many health conditions. Our providers have extensive training in clinical nutrition, creating food plans for people to help them optimize their health. Although we focus mainly on diet, intelligent supplementation can make a significant difference.

Naturopathic Oncology

Dr. Joan Haynes works with cancer patients undergoing conventional therapy. Patients must be under the care of an oncologist. Appropriate supplementation and diet issues are addressed for both chemotherapy and radiation approaches. The goal is to enhance the body’s ability to withstand these treatments while not interfering with the effectiveness. In many cases, supplementation, diet and other modalities can even enhance the effectiveness of the conventional treatments.

Emotional Support

Depression and anxiety are common symptoms and are very often connected to health issues. We work with our patients on an ongoing basis to explore your personal issues impeding greater health. In addition, Naturopathic Medicine offers neurotransmitter testing and many herbal, homeopathic and nutritional solutions for psychological conditions.

Educational Classes

We hold a monthly Open House and regularly teach classes in the community on a variety of topics.

Laboratory Services

Standard labs such as chemistry screens, pap smears, thyroid evaluations and urinalysis can be ordered through the office. We also offer innovative diagnostic tests to evaluate less conventionally recognized conditions such as food sensitivities and adrenal fatigue.


High quality nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, and homeopathic remedies are available through the office to established patients. Patients of Boise Natural Health can use our online form to submit requests for refills.