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Concerns About Seeing an ND Were Put to Rest Immediately

Had my first consultation with Dr. Haynes this week. She made me feel heard and was genuine in helping find a solution to what I went to see her for. I am looking forward to working with her to learn what may be causing my health issues. Any concerns I had about what it would be like meeting with an ND were put to rest immediately. Boise Natural Health office was professional from the moment you walk into the waiting room. Colleagues of mine were skeptical when I told them I’d be seeing a naturopathic doctor but I am very impressed with the knowledge and teachings of Dr. Haynes as she spent time to not only discuss what might be wrong but discussed what the cause may be as well and what we can do to help remedy issues. I say “we” because I did feel that Dr. Haynes included me in my care and I am confident she will be there with me to help guide and educate as I start down the road to natural healing for my health. Thank you for such a great first visit I am looking forward to many more.

Jump Start was Fantastic

The seven day Jump Start was fantastic. The diet was easy to follow and kept me feeling full. I lost 8 pounds, and gained a ton of energy. I now go into a grocery store and fill my cart with fruits and veggies instead of processed food. I am more aware of what I eat and how it affects my body. Not to mention my grocery bill is almost half as much. I now eat healthy food because I crave healthy food.


Homeopathy Helps Quiet Anxiety At School and Home

“I was having a problem with OCD and with the help of Dr. Haynes, it is no longer a problem. It only took two tries, and a couple months.”                                                                                                                             

SR, age 11

Jump Start Has Given Me More Than Just Weight Loss

“The Jump Start Program has given me more than just weight loss. At day seven I found myself with more energy and clarity than I’ve had in years. I have lost pounds but the energy that I have gained has been far more important and unbelievable than the weight loss. I have clearer skin, more energy and I no longer feel sluggish and bloated. It’s been five weeks and I’ve continued to follow the recommendations and stuck closely to the eating recommendations set during the initial meeting.”

Angie T.

Improved Health Prevents Hysterectomy

“As a woman, always going through many changes, you simply want to be heard! It has been important for me to keep my uterus. At 48 years of age, all other doctors wanted to do was remove it. Coming to Dr. Joan, I feel valued and listened to. My eleven year journey to keep my center (my womb) feels complete. Thank you Dr. Joan for making me so healthy and happy and valued as a woman. I’m excited to share any changes, knowing Boise Natural Health is behind me.”
Suzi Petit

Patient with Cancer Finds Help with Naturopathic Medicine

“When I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 70 I knew I would need a lot of help to recover. The chemo therapy could be lethal to the disease but potentially devastating to my body. The care at St. Lukes Mountain States Tumor Institute was thoughtful and effective, and the nutritional support and life style guidance from Dr. Haynes enabled me to tolerate the treatment with few side effects and complications. Dr. Haynes prepared a comprehensive plan to prepare me for the oncological infusions and to help my body’s natural defenses work at maximum efficiency; her advice was based on extensive knowledge of the latest medical research and I know this has been a major contribution to my continued remission and feeling of well being three years later.”
Don Bader, OD,  FAAO