Category: Testimonials

She Is Amazing!

I have been seeing Dr. Falkner for several years. She is amazing! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and informed, but she is a fantastic person, a wonderful human being. She really cares and thinks everything through. I am grateful to Dr. Falkner for saving my life actually. She caught something and ordered a test that all my other doctors missed over the course of years. Dr. Falkner is also warm and kind and genuine. A complete and total gem!

Christopher Doyle

Kind and Super Knowledgeable

I am very excited about my visit with Dr. Michaela Falkner. She was not only very kind, but super knowledgeable. She was very thorough and very interested in helping me with my issues. I appreciate so much her care and concern for my health. I am looking forward to healing and a better life.

Mary S

You Won’t Be Disappointed

I received Ozone Therapy yesterday for a wound in my abdomen. The wound was painful, red, and infected. I was very skeptical of Ozone therapy and questioned whether it would work. I am a Nurse by trade, and so I have a thorough understand of medical treatments and wound care. After receiving Ozone injections with no local anesthetic (without pain) I also received suction Ozone therapy. I was sent home with Ozone olive oil ointment for the wound. I drove 20 minutes home and then looked at my would and to my shock and utter amazement my wound had closed half way. I applied the ointment later that night. This morning I looked at my wound and all of the redness was gone and it was almost totally closed and healed. I reapplied the ointment and went about my day. It is 4:30pm a little over 24 hours since my Ozone therapy and the wound is completely closed!! Ozone therapy is truly miraculous!! Please don’t wait try it you won’t be disappointed!!!! Thank you Dr. Nicole.


Elated That I Have Energy for the First Time in Years

I had COVID March 2020, before anyone knew anything about what we now know as “long covid”. Through a cascade of escalating symptoms with treatment from “specialists” the ONLY person that helped continuously was Dr. Haynes. The whole staff prioritized my calls during difficult flares and supported me well beyond the overburdened staff every other office was experiencing. The specialists eventually started saying “what did your Naturopath say” because they were stumped. Traditional western medicine doesn’t respond well to things that are unknown and hard to diagnose but the staff at BNHC continue to play health whack-a-mole as we move from one issue to the next. I am elated that I have energy for the first time in years and have optimism for a full recovery.


Great Improvement in my Mental and Physical Awareness

I have seen Dr. Maxwell during the past 9 months and feel a great improvement in my mental and physical awareness and health. I have recommended Dr. Maxwell to a few friends, including my husband who will meet with her this week. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Dr. Maxwell and know my body and health better now compared to a year ago. I am grateful for Dr. Maxwell’s communication style, knowledge and patience in teaching me her patient. Highly Recommend! TJMc

Trish M.

Boosting My Immune System and IV Ozone Treatments (MAH)

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for Dr. Michaela Falkner at Boise Natural Health Clinic. As a two-time Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor & Bone Marrow Transplant recipient, I came to her in dire need of boosting my immune system and decreasing my severe autoimmune issues/EBV. I flew in from Los Angeles to do IV Ozone treatments (MAH) over the course of 6 weeks. It was very worth it because Michaela is AMAZING. I’ve had these health issues for many years and no one’s been able to shift them quite like this. I came out of those treatments feeling much better than I’ve felt in years, like I was on top of the world. I am incredibly thankful for Michaela, her kindness and empathy, and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to revitalize their health to book an appointment with her.