EBV / Epstein Barr Virus – Reactivated Mononucleosis Resolved with MAH (IV Ozone)

I started seeing my next patient when she was 36yo.  Her main complaint was fatigue, foggy thinking, and a short temper.  We implemented various treatments that improved her symptoms by 70%. However, if she stopped the protocol her symptoms returned.

We tested for mononucleosis which came back active.  The patient also had an unusual rash that first occurred in college when she originally contracted mono.  I sent her for 10 MAH sessions.  She decided to research ozone and MAH before receiving the treatment and after deciding that it was safe and effective, she did her 10 sessions.  She felt better after six sessions but completed all ten.  Her fatigue, the rash, and the foggy thinking resolved. Best of all she was no longer irritable.