46 Pounds Lighter and Allergies Under Control

I was first recommended to Dr. Maxwell by a nutritionist who was concerned about my ongoing allergy symptoms that were getting worse by the day. She mentioned that what drew her to Dr. Maxwell was that she uses cutting-edge therapies along with natural healing modalities to get back to optimum health. I perked up when she said “cutting edge therapies and natural healing in the same sentence”, both of which I am drawn to.

At my first appointment, I was encouraged to do an initial liver cleanse to detox my system. It was also recommended that I have the Carroll Test done to check for any food intolerances my body might be trying to cope with. The cleanse was a huge success and I gained energy I haven’t had for years. Then I received my Carroll results and found that my main intolerance was fruit. I was pretty shocked and skeptical. Dr. Maxwell supported my new lifestyle changes and fielded all my questions easily and effortlessly. She goes the extra mile and is a pro at sending links and any information that she thinks will help my case. I’ve never experienced such a wonderful team health effort.

Seven months later I am 46 lbs. lighter and my allergies are under control. My skepticism about food intolerance are gone. I can attest that when I stay away from my intolerances I feel incredible, and “when I stray I pay”.

I highly recommend Dr. Maxwell for anyone who’s ready for a new lease on life.

L Le