Lyme – Felt Amazing After 10 MAH (IV Ozone) Sessions

I started seeing this patient when she was a young girl for minor issues. Six years into our visits the patient began to complain of body aches.  On a blood exam, I found she was deficient in B12 and folic acid.  We did a series of vitamin B injections which greatly helped but she couldn’t go long without one.  Then her liver enzymes became abnormal, and the fatigue got more and more pronounced.  She was having a difficult time at school, and everything seemed extra stressful for her.

 Through testing, we discovered she had Lyme disease and that it was the root cause of her issues: depleting her adrenals and her nutrients.  I recommended 10 MAH (IV Ozone) sessions.  Her parents were cautious at first because they had never heard of the blood being ozonated then reintroduced into the body, and it was expensive.  However, we had a long working relationship built on trust and good health, so they opted for the treatment.

We had a follow-up visit several months later.  The patient had done 10 MAH sessions and she felt amazing!  She didn’t have to rely on B vitamin injections anymore, her body aches had resolved, and she had energy again.