Great Reviews for Dr. Nicole

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Nicole! I came to her with several GI issues, hormone imbalance and the desire to streamline the multitude of supplements I was taking. I had already taken a battery of tests and was not getting the information I needed to get better. She reviewed the tests and interviewed me in detail with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. Moreover, she called the lab physician for one of the tests I had taken to get more detail about my results. I have NEVER had nor heard of a doctor doing that! She demonstrated time and again that her interest was in helping me attain my best healthy self. Her protocol for my complex GI issues is effective, my hormone balance is coming into line and I was able to reduce the number of supplements I am taking. I am feeling much better physically as well as emotionally (‘there is an answer!’).

Now, my son sees her too.

Much thanks Dr. Nicole!

Lisa A.