You Won’t Be Disappointed

I received Ozone Therapy yesterday for a wound in my abdomen. The wound was painful, red, and infected. I was very skeptical of Ozone therapy and questioned whether it would work. I am a Nurse by trade, and so I have a thorough understand of medical treatments and wound care. After receiving Ozone injections with no local anesthetic (without pain) I also received suction Ozone therapy. I was sent home with Ozone olive oil ointment for the wound. I drove 20 minutes home and then looked at my would and to my shock and utter amazement my wound had closed half way. I applied the ointment later that night. This morning I looked at my wound and all of the redness was gone and it was almost totally closed and healed. I reapplied the ointment and went about my day. It is 4:30pm a little over 24 hours since my Ozone therapy and the wound is completely closed!! Ozone therapy is truly miraculous!! Please don’t wait try it you won’t be disappointed!!!! Thank you Dr. Nicole.