Understanding The Role of Testosterone in Men – Options for Testing and Treatment

by Nicole Maxwell, NMD

Are you or a loved one curious about testosterone replacement therapy, also known as TRT? Testosterone naturally begins declining in men between 30 and 40 years of age. Fortunately, age related testosterone decline can be treated in a variety of ways. With proper testing and guidance, men can experience normal levels of testosterone providing energy and stamina well into advanced age. 

I’ve provided some of my favorite links to reliable information to consider if you are thinking about a testosterone prescription. 

Overview of Testosterone

Here is a very thorough article exploring symptoms, causes, and treatment of low testosterone:


Appropriate labs that must to be done before starting TRT and are available at our office. Here is a link that talks about appropriate lab markers: https://ndnr.com/mens-health/testosterone-drops-anti-aging-for-male-baby-boomers/# 

Many wonder what method of testing to choose. I prefer serum and saliva testing. 

The risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy

PROS: Numerous studies show the benefits of TRT with reducing cardiovascular disease risk, improving metabolic dysfunction, improving glycemic control and body composition. https://ndnr.com/naturopathic-news/testosterone-therapy-could-increase-risk-of-heart-attack-and-stroke/ We do, however, need more long-term studies as the next bullet demonstrates. 

CONS: There has been one study showing that there may be a 21% increased risk of a cardiovascular event especially in the first two years of TRT and then it seems to be cardioprotective.

Testosterone Modifiers

Many things we do daily affect our hormones. Testosterone modifiers are crucial to address. Your naturopathic physician can review diet, lifestyle, medication, nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar, and hormonally active chemicals in our environment. Here’s a great article exploring this topic: https://ndnr.com/mens-health/testosterone-modifiers/ 

I’d Love to Help

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