Category: Jump Start to Healthy Weight and Wellness

Jump Start was Fantastic

The seven day Jump Start was fantastic. The diet was easy to follow and kept me feeling full. I lost 8 pounds, and gained a ton of energy. I now go into a grocery store and fill my cart with fruits and veggies instead of processed food. I am more aware of what I eat and how it affects my body. Not to mention my grocery bill is almost half as much. I now eat healthy food because I crave healthy food.


Jump Start Has Given Me More Than Just Weight Loss

“The Jump Start Program has given me more than just weight loss. At day seven I found myself with more energy and clarity than I’ve had in years. I have lost pounds but the energy that I have gained has been far more important and unbelievable than the weight loss. I have clearer skin, more energy and I no longer feel sluggish and bloated. It’s been five weeks and I’ve continued to follow the recommendations and stuck closely to the eating recommendations set during the initial meeting.”

Angie T.