Ozone Therapies Really Work! 

Thank you Dr. Maxwell! Ozone therapies really work! After over a year of addressing lower back tightness with acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, & yoga, it only took a few rounds of Ozone injections to significantly bring down the inflammation that had progressed into sciatica. Dr. Maxwell also helped speed up the healing time by several months of scar tissue from skin cancer removal. I had been experiencing radiating pain from the scars up my neck causing headaches every time I tried to be active with my upper body, and I am an avid gardener. With just a few Ozone (plus B12) injections, the scar tissue softened and my headaches disappeared altogether. I was sent home with Ozonated olive oil that I continue to put on the scars nightly with visible results. I am extremely grateful to the team at Boise Natural Health Clinic for their holistic and cooperative approach to my health issues. I feel heard and well cared for by Dr. Haynes, Dr. Falkner & Dr. Maxwell. Mahalo nui loa