My new favorite herb: Salvia Miltiorrhiza (aka Dan Shen or Red Sage)

In my practice treating chronic complex illness, Dan Shen is a recent addition to my repertoire that I’ve begun using with success.  This herb is in the sage species that originally comes from China. It was traditionally used to promote blood circulation, calm the mind, regulate menstruation, and to relieve pain. However, modern research papers show body wide effects, including some of the most notable below:

1) Anti-inflammatory and pain support
including menstrual cramps, joint pain, and even endometriosis pain, chest pain (angina), allergies, asthma, even some anti-cancer properties

2) Antimicrobial against many organisms
including some tick-borne bacteria like anaplasma and ehrlichia

3) Liver protective
including decreasing markers of liver inflammation

4) Kidney protective
including protecting from diabetic kidney disease and shock from kidney stone treatment (lithotripsy)

5) Heart protective
including decreasing cholesterol and plaque formation. Also helps heal vascular wounds and fibrosis as well as slightly thins the blood. Human studies include COPD, preventing stroke recurrence, blood clot disorders, high blood pressure

6) Depression and anxiety support
supports GABA, which promotes calm, happy mood and sleep. There are human studies even for Alzheimer’s

7) Spleen protective
Decreases inflammation of the spleen

8) Gut and microbiome supportive
supports the microbiome by reducing bad bacteria and encouraging growth of the good bacteria. It also tightens both the GI mucosa and blood brain barrier

Most studies have shown that Saliva miltiorrhiza can either help the condition itself or prevent recurrence. While it is most known for its cardioprotective effects, I’ve been seeing good results so far for liver support and Lyme support in my patients. 

As with any medicine (natural or otherwise), there are circumstances where this herb may not be appropriate.  If you’re interested in finding a solution to Lyme disease or any other chronic unexplained symptoms, call for a free consultation or schedule an appointment with me to get started.