COVID Which Exasperated Major Digestive Issues

My Mom contracted COVID in January which exasperated major digestive issues. We were in crisis mode from mid-January until early February when I thought to contact Dr. Nicole Maxwell. At that time, Mom was on a liquid diet, she had been in the ER (3) times and was having TIA-like episodes nightly. We both feel that without Dr. Maxwell’s prescribed protocol and intervention my Mom would not likely be with us today. In two short weeks, my Mom has seen 50 – 80% improvement in her symptoms. We are working diligently to get to the root cause, and are optimistic Mom will make a full recovery. Thank you simply isn’t enough! We are very grateful to be able to have Dr. Maxwell on our team. She’s thorough, compassionate, proactive, and quick to respond. We highly recommend her and Boise Natural Health!