Concerns About Seeing an ND Were Put to Rest Immediately

Had my first consultation with Dr. Haynes this week. She made me feel heard and was genuine in helping find a solution to what I went to see her for. I am looking forward to working with her to learn what may be causing my health issues. Any concerns I had about what it would be like meeting with an ND were put to rest immediately. Boise Natural Health office was professional from the moment you walk into the waiting room. Colleagues of mine were skeptical when I told them I’d be seeing a naturopathic doctor but I am very impressed with the knowledge and teachings of Dr. Haynes as she spent time to not only discuss what might be wrong but discussed what the cause may be as well and what we can do to help remedy issues. I say “we” because I did feel that Dr. Haynes included me in my care and I am confident she will be there with me to help guide and educate as I start down the road to natural healing for my health. Thank you for such a great first visit I am looking forward to many more.