Author: Beth Geagan

One Visit Identifies Cause and Fixes Problem

“Dr. Haynes correctly identified my stomach issues and gave me supplements to replenish what my body was missing. I felt completely better within days! I had been to 3 MDs who had no answers for my Summer-long illness that was wearing me down. She also helped me gently modify my diet according so my body and stomach would remain healthy. As a result, I no longer have migraine headaches OR painful stomach cramps. By the way, this was all in one appointment and has helped me for years. Thank you Dr. Haynes!”

Inspiration For Mother and Daughter

“Joan, Just wanted to thank you so much for your patience and kindness that you extended today to my mother. I know that she took up a great deal of your time and I am just so grateful to you for your loving care. I know she was really impressed that you phoned her back the other day, because as you know, it is rare that a physician will personally phone a patient. For you to do that just goes beyond anything that you would have been obligated to do. Thank you so much for all your help. You have truly inspired me to look for natural, holistic approaches to my own health, and I know that what you have to offer my mother is so much more than she has received from all of the doctors that she has spent her life and her finances on.”