Insurance Coverage for our Services

Some insurance companies do cover some of the services at Boise Natural Health, but many companies do not. Payment is due at time of service. We provide you with “insurance ready” forms for reimbursement. Please check with your insurance provider to see if our services are covered under your plan. Often Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts can be used for pre-tax dollar savings.

Cancellation Policy

 Twenty-four hour notice is required for cancellation. If no notice is received ahead of time, you will be billed for the full price of the visit. If notice is given with less than twenty-four hours, you will be charged half price. Call 208-338-0405 to cancel.

New Patient – Visits with Naturopathic  Physician or Nurse Practitioner

90-minute Comprehensive First Visit $225
60-minute Children under 13 $150
25-minute Acute New Patient Visit $95

Established Patient – Visits with Naturopathic  Physician or Nurse Practitioner

60-minute Extended Office Visit $140
45-minute Intermediate Office Visit $125
30-minute Limited Office Visit $85
15-minute Brief Office Visit $55


Phone/Email Appointments Read Fees and Policies

NAET Allergy Desensitization

Initial Consult +1st treatment $125
Additional treatments $60
Extended visit $80

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

90 minute session.
For new patients or sessions that require more time.
60 minute session.
For established EFT patients.

Therapeutic Bodywork and Acupressure

1 hour and 45 minute New Client Intake Session.
Includes bodywork.
$90 for new patients
90 minute session.
Preferred time for therapeutic benefit.
60 minute session for established patients only. $65

Other Services

Woman’s Annual Physical
Pap test billed separately.
$125 for established patients (45-60 minutes)

$225 for new patients (90 minutes)

Individualized Nutritional Detoxification Cleanse variable
Classical Homeopathic Intake and Prescription
(90 mins)
Naturopathic Oncology Package
90 minute first visit, two 60 minute follow up visits, and individualized written protocol.
Read more about our Naturopathic Oncology services
School Physicals (15 min) $30

Nutritional Services

See Nutritional Services variable

Educational Classes

See Events variable

Laboratory Services

Conventional & Innovative Diagnostic Lab Testing variable

Some of our services may be eligible for a payment plan. Please call 208-338-0405 for more information.