Ways Ozone Can Benefit the Body

Ozone is created by exposing 100% pure oxygen to a spark of electricity in a special generator which adds an extra electron onto the oxygen molecule. 

Ozone therapies have been used since its discovery in 1840 and ozone is used all over the world safely.  Boise Natural Health Clinic is proud to contribute this important therapy to the Treasure Valley. Here are some of the amazing things that ozone does for us:  

1) Ozone kills infectious microbes like viruses, bacteria, fungi.

We use ozone in a variety of ways to kill infectious microbes. It can directly kill almost all ‘bugs’. Ozone gas has direct killing effect by using ozone infused olive oil or a process called insufflation. Insufflation is allowing ozone gas to come into direct contact with various tissues, including nasal passages, ear canals, vaginas, and rectums.

2) Ozone increases the delivery and use of oxygen in the cells.

Energy production runs most efficiently with oxygen. If we inject ozone into damaged joint spaces or tissues, we can focus that oxygenation into the injured area and promote healing.  By increasing oxygen in the cells, we can increase our energy production, healing capabilities, and support our immune system.

3) Ozone helps stimulate and improve our antioxidant and detoxification pathways.

Ozone therapies increase our antioxidant production by up to 300% in some studies. Antioxidants help with slowing down the aging process, decreasing some cancer risks, decreasing inflammation, and promoting movement of waste products. Rectally, ozone has been shown to improve our bodies’ own production of the most potent antioxidant, glutathione. Glutathione is often referred to as the master antioxidant and helps the liver to detoxify, is anti-aging, and is used in the immune system to combat infections.

4) Ozone can modulate the immune system.

Immune system modulation means increasing immunity in the presence of an infectious agent or decreasing immunity when the immune system is out of control, like in an autoimmune disease. Ozone mediates some of our cell signaling messengers, called cytokines, to help turn the immune system up or down depending on our needs. Ask your BNHC naturopathic physician if they think ozone therapy may be right for you!