Planning a Family? 1 in 50 born with Autism. Reduce the Risk Factors

Emily Yuen, ABT

Currently, I am inspired by Dr. Melillo’s work, his book “Autism the Scientific Truth About Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders- and what Parents Can Do Now” as well as another of his books, “Disconnected Kids”.  I have been seeing great results with my daughter using Dr. Melillo’s techniques at the Brain Balance Center in Eagle, Idaho! This work has been a great complement to the NAET food allergy work she has done.

Dr. Melillo explains the latest research showing that discrepancies between the maturity of right and left hemispheres in the brain can lead to many types of learning, processing, neurological and autoimmune disorders. This means that not only is autism treatable it is preventable.  With 1 in 50 children being born in the Autistic spectrum and 1 in 6 born with sensory issues, we must all educate ourselves on identifying risk factors for women in their child-bearing years to lower the risk before pregnancy.

Dr. Melillo’s research also proves how a poor diet can exacerbate behaviors and illness and how important it is to balance the inflammatory process in the body and heal leaky gut.  He emphasizes the importance of good nutrition and food sensitivities.  He also provides a list of botanicals and nutrients to increase the balance between pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory response.

His book includes exercises to decrease the imbalances between right and left hemisphere of the brain -which help with sensory issues, processing disorders, autoimmune illness and food intolerance. This research also supports the use of modalities like Asian Bodywork Therapy using acupressure points to manipulate the body and neural connections.  Practices such as qi gong, yoga and tai chi are other excellent cross-body therapies to integrate the body and the brain.

With this epidemic we will need to use a variety of tools.  The practitioners at Boise Natural Health can help you find the right supplements, help you heal your gut, increase your nutritional awareness and even desensitize food and environmental intolerances that are impacting your health.