Nasal Cleansing/Neti Potting

Compiled by Emily Yuen, ABT


Neti Pot – up to 3 times daily as need for sinus congestion and allergies.

Nasal Cleansing Instructions

Breathing freely through both nostrils aids in the flow of energy throughout the body. Proper cleansing – combined with proper diet – will help maintain a homeodynamic balance by helping to keep the nasal passages open and increasing oxygen to the body.  Nasal Cleansing is beneficial for sufferers of chronic and acute sinusitis and rhinitis.  It removes pollen, other irritants, and mucus. The salt solution helps soothe and heal the mucus membranes and decrease inflammation.

Some studies suggest that nasal cleansing on a daily basis throughout the year isn’t recommended as it can disrupt beneficial organisms. Nasal cleansing is best used prior to and during seasonal allergy season, for acute sinusitis and rhinitis, and to remove other unwanted pollution and allergens as needed.

With a Neti Pot:

Neti Pots (a special ceramic pot) or a food grade plastic pot (more ideal for use in the shower) can be purchased at health food stores or Boise Natural Health Clinic.

  1. Mix 1 /4 tsp. of non-iodized sea salt in 8 ounces of lukewarm distilled water in your Neti Pot. Shake and let the salt dissolve.  Baking soda can be used instead of salt, if salt is too irritating.
  2. Start with the nostril that feels most open. Tilt your head to the side with the open nostril on top, ear parallel to the ceiling. Place it so the nostril closes around the spout. Bending from the hips, lean over the sink and keep the chin slightly higher than the forehead. Tilt the Neti Pot to allow the water to gently and slowly flow into the upper nostril.  This can also be done in the shower.
  3. As the water flows through the upper nostril, breathe evenly through the mouth, adjust your head position to allow water into the sinuses. Keeping your chin tucked toward your body will help and prevent water from running down the throat. When positioned ideally, the solution will come out the opposite nostril rather than down the throat or out the mouth.  Pour half the water through each nostril.

If the Water Won’t Go Through

  1. For a congested person, periodically remove the Net Pot, raise the head up and start blowing GENTLY to remove dislodged materials. Do not blow so hard that your ears pop. Keep tissue handy. Alternate which nostril you pour the water into to help break down the mucus from each side.
  2. After the technique is repeated a few times, the water will come out the opposite nostril, indicating a clear passageway.
  3. After emptying the pot, blow freely through both nostrils to clear the nose of excess water and mucus. Do not close off one nostril when doing this, as it could force water back into the eusatchain tube and into the ear.

All the Water Must Come Out

  1. If there are any problems in clearing the nostrils, kneel down and bring your forehead to the floor, and again blow freely through both nostrils as before. If you are in the shower, try bending forward so the top of the head hangs down. Turn the head to the side, with one finger close the lower nostril gently blow out the upper nostril.
  2. Move the head to a horizontal position, face toward the floor and blow out the same nostril.  GENTLY blow a few times in each position. Alternate the last 2 steps several times as necessary.

Without a Neti Pot:

If you do not have a Neti Pot, nasal cleansing can be done in a similar manner with a paper cup by pinching the side into a spout or you can use your hand.  Follow the directions above, but instead of using a Neti Pot, use a paper cup to pour water into the nostrils.  Or using salt water in your cupped hand slowly inhale the water through one nostril, blowing it out the other.

Other Allergy Solutions

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