How Chemicals Increase Food Sensitivities and What You Can Do

By Emily Yuen, ABT

The author of one of my favorite allergy-free cook books called Nourishing Meals shared this great article on the relationship between chemical exposure and food intolerance and/or food allergies. Read the article to learn about how chemicals alter immune cell function, lower vitamin D levels, and cause your immune system to overreact. The article also provides steps to decrease your exposure.

Here at BNH, we help people identify and reduce chemical exposure, guiding them through elimination diets, and helping the body perform better so it can detoxify easier. Emily Yuen also offers NAET to help desensitize the body to chemicals that are causing a negative impact such as headaches, body aches, acne, fatigue, asthma, inattentiveness, and brain fog. Check out this testimonial from a chemically sensitive patient. NAET can be used to desensitize your reactions to many things other than foods and pollens such as: additives, flavoring, colorings, pesticides, perfumes, prescription medication, and cleaners. This is helpful for items that are difficult to avoid as part of daily life in a modern world.