Digestive Qi Gong Directions

Emily Yuen, ABT

Great for digestive difficulties such as: heart burn, gas, pain, constipation or diarrhea.


For constipation (or normal bowels) stroke upward from the pelvis to the rib 4 X’s to create some space for the stool to move into before you start the clockwise circle.

Rub abdomen 36 X clockwise with light energetic circles. .  Rub the lower ribs all the way to the sides and all the way down to the pubic bone and back up and around.

Rub abdomen 36 X counter-clockwise with light energetic circles.

Stroke 36 X down – stroke with 1 hand then the other below the throat to top of pelvis.

Stimulate any tender points on the mid-line of your body from sternum to public bone. Use firm steady pressure on each tender point focusing on moving the energy downward toward the pelvic floor. This is especially important for heartburn, hiccups and belching. Focus on letting the diaphragm and pelvic floor relax.

Rub abdomen 36 X clockwise with light energetic circles. This will end the process in the same direction you started which is the was the colon moves.


For diarrhea start counter-clockwise, then go clockwise, then go downward and end counter-clockwise. This helps hold the stool in longer so there is more time for the stool to form properly. This will help the water and nutrients be absorbed before it is eliminated.

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