Chemical, Mold, and Environmental Sensitivities Alleviated

I no longer have issues with fragrances and chemicals when I’m in stores. Fragrances from trees and flowers are pleasant now. The off-gassing of my new car is less of a problem. Now I’m eating foods I was intolerant to such as tomatoes, peppers, raw broccoli, vinegar, spices and yeast with no symptoms. I am even digesting meat well.

NAET with Emily Yuen has improved my health in many ways. My allergic response to a bee sting was treated with NAET and the swelling and pain in my arm went down immediately followed by a reduced recovery time. The itching and swelling from mosquito bites is no longer an issue for me. My environmental allergies to molds, pollens and trees are doing so well. My endocrine system is normal, my iron levels are especially great, and I’m no longer sluggish late in the day. We have even been working to support my brain and memory.

I feel well and energetic at 74. The naturopathic treatments I received at Boise Natural Health were complemented by the NAET treatments.

I would recommend NAET to anyone who wants to decrease any type of hypersensitivity,  wants to absorb food and supplements, or who wants to improve their immune system. I especially enjoyed the professionalism and care provided by Emily.