What do Zion National Park and Your Health have in Common?

By Esther Sears, FNP

Zion was not always the Beautiful Canyon that it Currently is.

One of the greatest experiences I have ever had was visiting Zion National Park in southern Utah this past summer.  While there I learned about how this majestic canyon was formed by the flow of water over millions of years.  Except for major geological events such as earthquakes or major floods, there is probably not one generation that has ever witnessed a significant change in the canyon, and yet it went from being a fairly flat high desert to this incredible awe-inspiring canyon over the course of time.

It Takes Time for Disease to Develop

Like Zion, our bodies also experience subtle changes over time.  Some changes are a normal part of aging but others are the cumulative effects of poor eating habits, medications, exposure to environmental toxins, stress, lack of quality sleep and toxic relationships over the course of our lives.  Our bodies are incredibly resilient and will compensate for many insults which is why we continue to live and function without noticing these subtle changes, while beneath the surface a canyon is slowly being carved.  When the burden of these insults becomes too great, disease results.  It may come in the form of frequent infections like colds and the flu or it may be in the form of chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, obesity, irritable bowel, depression or rheumatoid arthritis.

Functional Medicine looks at Disease Differently

In the world of functional medicine, we know that there are numerous contributing factors to a person’s suboptimal health.  Taking a comprehensive look at the whole person from birth to the present we begin to uncover the root causes of disease and then develop a plan to improve and often reverse disease.  And that is what I LOVE about functional medicine!  These days people want more out of life.  The world we live in is big and beautiful and begs exploration whether it be walking in the neighborhood park and enjoying the sounds of birds, or taking a challenging hike.

This is a picture of me taken at observation point in Zion this past summer.  I am proud to say that at fifty-seven, I could take this amazing 8 mile round-trip hike with an elevation gain of 2,000 feet over 3 miles with plenty of energy left afterwards to enjoy making dinner at the campsite.

Are you Experiencing Your Best Health?

I would love to help you achieve your best health so that you, too, can enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

To your good health!