Treatments Help Neck, Headaches and Pain

In the Fall of 2005, I began receiving Asian Body Work treatments from Emily Richmond (Yuen). My original goal was for treatment for my upper neck. During my time in the Army, I had developed a massive inflamed lump just under the occipital bone on my right side. The lump was very painful, caused headaches, and made concentration difficult. Before Emily, I had undergone another treatment called “Point Release Therapy.” The therapy involved injections of Lidocaine directly into the inflamed muscles. It worked, but only for a short time, no more than five months.

I began receiving treatments from Emily every six weeks. After the first treatment, I noticed a marked decrease in my headaches: the inflamed area began to shrink. After the third treatment, the inflammation was almost gone, taking the pain and headaches with it. I continued to receive treatments from Emily on a regular basis because I began to notice other benefits: I was more relaxed and could concentrate better; I had more energy; I was sleeping better; my grades improved; and nerve damage in one of my fingers began to heal.

When I was in the Army, I cut part of the tip of my right middle finger off in a fan. The cut was very deep, I could see the bone. After my finger healed, my doctor noticed it had healed hypersensitive and sent me to a specialist to explain why. The specialist informed me that my nerves had healed incorrectly and that he could either cut my nerve at the base of my finger, or I could learn to live without using the tip of my finger. I opted to keep the nerve and learn to live with the pain. The damage prevented me from using my finger to type, made writing difficult, and made some everyday tasks—like tightening a screw—difficult.

In the Spring of 2006, I noticed that I was using my finger tip when I was typing. Normally this would result in tremendous pain and nausea, but I felt nothing. I began to experiment with my finger tip, touching various things and using it like a normal person. The pain was gone: The nerve had healed over five years after my injury.

I continue to receive treatments from Emily because I know it has made my life better and helped me to become a better person. The treatments are fun, educational, and, above all, they help me grow.

Z. K.