Success with EFT & NAET to Prepare for Surgery

A few winters ago I fell skiing – really just tipped over – but I injured my shoulder pretty badly and ended up with a surgey.  I’m a bit claustrophobic, so before I went in for an MRI, I used EFT to help me cope.  Thanks to tapping (EFT) I had no issues with being in the MRI and was able to stay calm. I prepared my body for surgery using EFT to help deal with the fear and to help me visualize a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I have had bad medications reactions in the past, so I used NAET to prepare my body to be less reactive to anesthesia and pain medications.  I followed Dr. Haynes pre & post-surgery nutrient and dietary protocol and used homeopathics and EFT visualization techniques to help me heal quickly.  I am so grateful for my knowledge of NAET and EFT, the help of the talented staff at Boise Natural Health, and Matt Booth at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy.

Emily Richmond, ABT