Jump Start to Healthy Weight and Wellness

  • Are you unhappy with the way your body feels and looks?fitness smoothie
  • Do you struggle with figuring out which foods to buy and eat in order to stay healthy?
  • Do you have extra pounds to lose you can’t get rid of no matter what diet you follow?
  • Do you find yourself struggling to keep focused and active throughout the day?
  • Do you eat too many processed foods and not enough real food?
  • Do you need a Jump Start to get back on track nutritionally?


The Boise Natural Health Jump Start to Healthy Weight and Wellness Program focuses on a whole-foods, nutrient-dense, gentle cleansing program along with education and physician support for those who want to get back on track to better health. This is a gentle and effective 7 – 21 day program (you choose the duration that is right for you!).

Discussion topics will include:

  • Emotional eating, stress and weight gain.
  • Movement and exercise-the best use of your time and energy.
  • Making sense of labels, health controversies, and fad diets.
  • Elimination /Challenge Diet and food allergies/intolerances.
  • Physician-grade nutritional supplements which will support your program and overall health and wellness (available for additional charge based on individual needs).
  • Which eating plan is right for you and your goals.

Location: Boise Natural Health Clinic
Cost: $50 for small group classes
Register: call 208-338-0405
Time: Saturdays, 1 – 3 pm

Upcoming Dates:


Call today to register! If you have questions about whether this program is right for you, please call and set up a free 10-minute phone consult.

The Jump Start group program is available to established Boise Natural Health patients and non-patients alike. If you would like individual support for weight loss, have a lot of weight to lose, or have complicating medical conditions that contribute to weight gain or are a result of weight gain, we strongly encourage physician supervision.

  • Hour-long office visit with a naturopathic physician to customize the program $90 new patient, $75 established patient
  • If you have complicating health factors, you may want to consider a longer office visit and additional laboratory testing and evaluation.

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