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Fox News Interview NAET practitioner about Autism Treatment

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Alternative treatment option improving quality of life for autistic patients

By Tammy Scardino. CREATED Jan 22, 2015

For Jim Cockey’s adult son with autism, the last 36 years have been a struggle but a local practitioner has given the family hope.

“A year ago, he rarely smiled. And today, rare is the day he doesn’t smile,” Jim said describing his son.

Jim attributes his son’s success to working with local NAET Clinic Practitioner Emily Richmond (Yuen).

NAET is described as a “holistic treatment for the permanent elimination of food and environmental allergies, which may be the cause of a wide range of illness,” by

Richmond says the focused therapy which looks at diet, allergens and pressure points among other techniques, can reduce autistic behavior by up to 70 percent.

Jim’s son has had self-aggression issues his entire life, but after working with Richmond, Jim says he has seen a measurable improvement in that area, including his son’s willingness to speak with the family.

Although Jim advocates the NAET program for his son, he urges parents of autistic children to seek treatment options that might not be necessarily mainstream.

“The non-pharmaceutical approaches are safe, relatively inexpensive, enjoyable and have positive outcomes,” Jim explained.

For Richmond, working with all ranges of personalities and people has been her calling.

“It’s just been thrilling to be a part of this process and helping see children and adults with autism wake up.”

For more information on the clinic in Boise, visit here.