Seasonal Allergy Testimonial

My seasonal allergies which I have in all four-seasons have greatly improved with NAET treatments with Emily Richmond Yuen . I am just finishing up with the basic 15 treatments (which are large nutrient groups from food and plants) and I am already having great relief from hay fever. I am taking far less anti-histamines and my overall health and tolerance to my allergens has dramatically improved. I am pleasantly surprised and I am looking forward to treating the local trees, weeds, sage and grasses this winter!

–          G.G.

After completing the basic 15 I came in for treatments for dust, trees, pollen, and animal dander. I am no longer snoring at night, I am sleeping much better, and I no longer have to take daily anti-histamines. My brain fog has gone away and I love having more energy. Thank you Emily Richmond Yuen and NAET.

– M.H.

After completing the basic 15 I could mow the lawn without a mask, without taking anti-histamines, and without needing to shower to prevent hives. I no longer feel terrible for the entire next day after mowing the lawn. I continued on with NAET and treated for local trees and pollens. For the first time ever, I rode my bike on the green belt with the cotton woods blooming and I could breath, my eyes weren’t tearing up and I wasn’t blowing my nose constantly.  I actually stood underneath a blooming cottonwood. It was beautiful and was like being on a brand new planet. I am no longer afraid to go outside in  Spring. I now make sharing NAET with others my life’s ambition and career here at Boise Natural Health as my environmental allergies are just on of the many ways NAET changed my life.

–          Emily Richmond Yuen

Success without treating the Basic 15

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