Seasonal Allergy Relief without Basic 15

I agreed to be Emily’s Richmond Yuen’s Guinea pig last winter when seasonal allergens were dormant, and avoidance was easy. The hypothesis was how much can NAET relieve seasonal allergies and how long with the benefits last if you don’t treat the standard basic 15 treatments first?  The outcome was very good.

I’ve been thoroughly pleased with the results of the NAET treatment. Even though I didn’t do the full program and  my treatments were limited to just the environmental allergens, I still noticed a significant change.  The only instance of issues was when things were in full bloom, I used nasal spray a couple of times, but I found as long as I stayed hydrated, I didn’t need the nasal spray. Historically, I used over the counter oral antihistamines and nose spray regularly and still was impacted.

NAET with Emily has given me tremendous relief. Before NAET, allergies and weather issues could often cause me to spend a couple hours a day sleeping. Since receiving treatments for barometric pressure changes as well as seasonal allergens I am rarely affected.

B. B

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