Relief from Barometric Pressure Changes

I used to feel the weather changes 1 to 2 days in advance. I would get extreme fatigue, headaches and pain. The sinus congestion I experienced left me feeling nauseous, sweaty, and feverish. I would feel awful until I woke up the next day.  These symptoms had been going on for almost a decade. I often would have to leave work and go home and sleep because the symptoms would be so severe.

After a couple of NAET treatments for barometric pressure changes my body started being able to adapt better to the pressure fronts and my symptoms started decreasing.  By my third treatment my symptoms had decreased by 75%. During all the major arctic storm fronts we had I didn’t miss work at all! I was able to work through any minor symptoms that did occur. I was so optimistic with the noted improvements that I decided to get treated for other things that aggravate me. Thank you Emily Richmond Yuen and NAET.