Race to Robie Creek

By Emily Dickerson, ND

I recently ran in the Race to Robie Creek on April 15th, 2017. This race is fondly labeled the “Hardest Race in the Northwest” and rightfully so! The Race to Robie Creek is a 13.1 mile (half marathon) that goes straight up, over, anddown a steep hill. Some call it body abuse, but I always seem to come back for more.

There is something special about running hard races, where we challenge ourselves to be better, to push our bodily limits. It is amazing to see what our bodies can do when faced with big challenges. This race is a life goal for many people, and you can feel the excitement and pride emanating from the crowd.

I was nervous about this year’s Robie, as due to weather and spending more time doing other fun activities that have kept me busy, I had not been running nearly as much as I had hoped to. Nevertheless, I took my own advice (previously given to me by a Robie veteran) to start slow, pace the first few miles of flatland, then pace the 6.5 miles of straight uphill, and finish by opening up my hips and flying down the backside.

Apparently focusing on my nutrition and staying active all winter with backcountry skiing and telemark skiing had done some great things for my health and fitness levels, as I beat my previous time (for which I had trained fairly hard), by four minutes. I had a blast, my body felt great, recovery was quick, and I was deeply inspired by all of those that ran with me. My new goal is to place in the top 3 for my age category in the years to come.

I challenge each and every one of you to tell yourself “I can do it”, even when you are not so sure. There is not much that is more personally rewarding than persisting past your nervousness and doubts to ultimately achieve your goal. This applies to exercise, difficult diet and lifestyle changes, and to inevitable life challenges we all face. Pace yourselves, it may be difficult at times, but is very worth it.

I work with people of all fitness levels to create and achieve their athletic and fitness goals and regularly teach an Athlete Health and Performance Optimization class through Boise Learns Community Education. My focus is on targeted supplementation, individualized diet needs, and macronutrient timing to help individuals to enhance performance and endurance, and to improve recovery time. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dickerson for an evaluation for optimizing your health as an athlete, call Boise Natural Health Clinic at (208)338-0405.