Psoriasis Gone with Food Sensitivity Testing

One day my son started breaking out in sores all over his body. A few doctors later, he was diagnosed with Psoriasis. We started out with the prescribed creams and they did nothing. We moved on to light therapy and that helped some but the sores did not fully go away and new ones would continue to show up. After researching causes of Psoriasis, some articles suggested that it started in the gut. We found Dr. Emily Dickerson and after speaking with her, we decided to have a  food intolerance blood test. The test came back that he was intolerant to eggs, dairy and gluten. We cut out all foods containing those ingredients and within 3 weeks, his Psoriasis was gone! We couldn’t believe it! We are so pleased to have found Dr. Dickerson to be able to help our son! Thank you Emily!

– Boise Parent