Preconception Care

By Emily Dickerson, ND

Are you planning on becoming pregnant? Naturopathic physicians do not manage pregnancies, but they can help you to improve your chances of becoming pregnant and optimizing the health of your unborn child. Preconception care focuses on helping you to create a plan for becoming the healthiest, happiest you prior to conception. Taking into consideration the mental, emotional, and physical health of both the mother and the father of the child, preconception care focuses on optimizing health 3-4 months prior to conception. If you are planning on getting pregnant right away, there are pregnancy supporting protocols for that as well.


Are you having difficulty getting pregnant? Is your sperm at optimal function? Addressing these concerns might be simpler than you think. Hormones need to be at healthy levels to support pregnancies and sperm function can be supported with supplementation. Fertility improves with optimizing your basic foundations of health. Sufficient rest, stress reduction, exercise, and a healthy diet creates the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

Your Body is an Ecosystem

Preparing the body for pregnancy is similar to preparing soil for a garden. You must first clean up the soil, remove rocks and weeds, and then add compost and nutrients to allow for a healthy environment to grow a garden. Similarly, a naturopathic preconception plan might utilize several treatments in order to create an optimal environment for pregnancy. Some of the treatments that we might utilize are: vitamins and supplements, stress management, sleep hygiene, exercise, hormone evaluation, detox/cleanse protocols, diet recommendations, and food sensitivity evaluations/elimination-re-challenge diets. Preconception plans will be individualized to meet the needs of you and your family.

Studies Show Reduced Miscarriages and Birth Defects

A study by Foresight showed that couples that utilized preconception care decreased the risk of miscarriage from 1 in 5 (general population) to 1 in 65 (preconception care) and the risk of malformation from 1 in 36 (general population) to 1 in 396 (preconception care). Not only will preconception planning improve your ability to get pregnant, but it will also decrease risk factors for the unborn baby.

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Here is an article written by Dr. Emily Dickerson and Emily Yuen:

Preconception Screening to Reduce Your Risk of Having an Autistic Child. 

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