Pediatric Wellness Visit and Vaccination Education

Just wanted to share that my ex and I (who do not see eye to eye on vaccines) saw Dr. Dickerson at Boise Natural Health today and she was wonderful. Gave us each a packet of info, talked us through each shot and each disease, and was ultimately supportive of both of us and our thoughts/feelings. Not sure where we will end up as it relates to our child, but it’s the most settled I’ve felt about this particular issue in months. I highly recommend her if you and your spouse/partner are having a hard time navigating this issue.

I know (our own doctor) gets a lot of praise and I actually like him myself, but he’s NEVER provided the kind of information that Dr. Dickerson provided. She spent over an hour with us, had handouts, etc. She really was great. I always felt like (other doctor) was cool with us not vaxing, but still kind of wanted us to.

Her office does not accept insurance, but worth every penny.

We also did a well-child check and Dr. Dickerson was great with her!

– Happy Parent