No Longer Sick and Miserable

When I came to see Emily Richmond Yuen over a year ago, I was limited to eating about ten food items. If I ate anything other than those ten items, I had a variety of reactions such as digestive distress, painful and itchy acne, flu-like body aches, racing heartbeat, headaches, runny nose, and much more. I noticed a trend that scared me, food that was safe was becoming bothersome over time. I knew that if I didn’t get the food intolerance under control then I wouldn’t have anything safe to eat. Plus, I knew that something had to be going on with my body since it was allowing such dysfunction. The NAET process was slow at first but over time I noticed changes that led to hope and ultimately healing. Within three months I started getting compliments from people in my life about how bright my face looked and how much energy I exhibited. Then there were the big milestones, eating foods that I was afraid to eat before. I was delighted to incorporate rice, eggs, garlic, and coconut back into my diet. I was even able to celebrate my friend’s wedding by eating a piece of cake that had gluten and dairy in it! In addition to food, Emily was able to treat other irritants like candida, latex, environmental allergens, and even barometric pressure. I am so thankful for the opportunity to undergo NAET. I have no doubt that if I hadn’t, I would be a very sick and miserable person right now.  Instead, I am more relaxed with food and feel healthy which I haven’t felt like in years!