NAET Helps with Autism Specturm PDD-NOS, OCD, ADHD & Sensory Issues

I have an 8 year old daughter who was diagnosis as PDD-NOS (part of the Autistic Spectrum) and inattentive ADHD.  Her grandfather has high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. I have dyslexia and some traits similar to those on the spectrum. There are lots of food & environmental allergies in the family. I have worked with kids and adults with Autism and ADHD for over 18 year and never found anything as beneficial as NAET. I was so happy to find NAET and see how it was able to benefit my daughter.

  • She is no longer appears as if she is on the Autistic spectrum
  • Her ADHD continues to improve dramatically as we continue NAET
  • She no longer has a vision impairment and no longer sees double – This was helped by Dr. Scott Lewis a Focus Vision Therapy in Meridian, ID.
  • She is reading above grade level and enjoys art!
  • She is learning math now
  • She has friends and appears typical among peers
  • She has a stronger self esteem
  • Her anxiety is reduced and has less anxious behaviors
  • Her OCD behaviors have stopped
  • Her coordination and core strengthen have greatly improved thank to the Brain Balance Center in Eagle, ID.