It Has Become Such a Pleasure to be Around My Boy

I started N.A.E.T. for my third grade son at the end of the school year with Emily Richmond Yuen. Even though he had not formally been diagnosed with ADHD, he showed all the signs of it. A restrictive diet (no gluten) had shown some results, but not enough. My son is highly intelligent but could not focus on any given task in class. He was hyperactive, could never be still or quiet, was greatly distractible, and disturbed his class a lot. I knew that he could learn his lessons with ease, but his grades were only just average. School, instead of being stimulating and fun, had become torture for my child.

After the first 10 treatments of NAET, we were able to start “brain treatments,” which are said to be a great help for people showing these kinds of disorders.

The changes that I witnessed in my son after he cleared each of these treatments were beyond my wildest dreams. When it first happened, he all of a sudden knew what to do. For the first time in his life, he knew the sequence of things to do, for example for walking the dog. He got the dog ready with leash and collar, had a baggy ready, and put his shoes on, without needing to be reminded of any of these things. He had never been able to get ready before on his own. Normally, I would have to give him several prompts for each of the steps involved. Now, he is even able to be helpful to me and others, and can see what needed to be done to accomplish that. Before we could begin the brain treatments, his mind was so overwhelmed that he was never able to see how he could be helpful to others. He may have had the idea, but could not follow through with it. Now, my boy is really enjoying knowing what to do and how to do it. For the first time, I found out what it is like to have a 9 year old child, instead of a 3 year old.

NAET is not a quick or easy fix but it is absolutely worth the effort. I am very pleased with the changes in my son and so happy for him. The thought of him at school used to make me cry, to think of how difficult it must be for him to sit still when he couldn’t, to attempt to be on task all day when he couldn’t even remember on his own of putting on his shoes before leaving the house. Today, he is proud of his work and is happy to go to school. Classes are now interesting and exciting, and are no longer a burden for him.

After the summer vacation, during which we made great progress with his N.A.E.T. treatment, he has entered fourth grade and has the same teacher as the year before. She is extremely pleased with his improvements and is amazed with his new focus and ability to get the job done. His grades, which were average before, have improved to almost straight A’s. We know, of course, that he is still a little quirky and wiggly but that is what makes him unique. Even the school counselor, who doesn’t see him a lot, said it is great to see how much my son has changed, how he is now confident enough to talk to other people outside of his class, something that he didn’t do at all before.

N.A.E.T. is not an easy solution like swallowing a pill. Many treatments are required in order to obtain lasting results. Some treatments even need to be repeated. It takes many weeks, even months, to achieve such good results. One must actively participate in the treatment, for after each session, one must avoid to touch or ingest certain foods and products during one full day.

However, I like N.A.E.T. because it is non-invasive, my child does not need to ingest harmful chemicals with possible side effects, and—best of all—it provides solutions that will last.

My son has still more treatments to do and I can’t wait to see more positive changes! It has become such a pleasure to be around my boy. I lose my patience with him less, and he feels more confident, and is happy and proud to know what he is supposed to be doing. I receive many compliments about him from people around us. My son’s life has been effectively turned around and is now most enjoyable.