I am Able to Eat Gluten with No Reaction

“I started NAET with Emily Richmond (Yuen) because I was gluten intolerant and I wanted to be able to eat it without experiencing heartburn and digestive disturbance. The visible evidence of NAET is quite obvious, for example the positive changes in my stool.  My digestion is much better after NAET.  My heartburn has decreased by 90% and now it only happens if I eat too much volume.  Now I am able to eat gluten with no reaction.  I choose not to over-consume gluten anyway, as I believe the actual structure of wheat and corn have been compromised.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has played a huge role in my life.  I would not be the healthy 82 year old man that I am without it.  I am the only person my age that I know who takes no prescription medication.  I don’t know why people don’t believe they can’t change or why they don’t want to try new things.  I encourage you to explore natural healing such as NAET with Emily.  Thanks to NAET I now enjoy chocolate cake and am able to eat out at restaurants with my bible study group.”