Hives Case Study

Emily Richmond Yuen, ABT

Over the winter holidays, “Sally” came in for a severe, painful, itchy, full-body hives that she had for a few weeks.  The hives covered her whole body and including her face and neck, but they didn’t affect her breathing.  He had tried everything she knew to alleviate them – homeopathy, herbs, topical medicine and was using fragrance free soaps and detergents.  She was also avoiding all her food sensitivities – dairy, wheat and beef.  The hives were impacting her sleep and she couldn’t stop itching.  They were worse at night and she couldn’t stand to be touched.

Through NAET muscle testing, Christmas trees, the wood burning stove and coconut oil were identified as the biggest culprits.  The hives were compounded by stress and not sleeping enough due to the itching.

The Christmas tree was removed from the house and the wood burning stove was replaced with an electric heat source.  Within 3 weeks and 6 NAET treatments, there were no new hives and they started to disappear.  Due to the extreme itching and inflammation, it took another few weeks for the skin to heal up completely.  After 2 months and 15 treatments, her skin was looking better than it ever had before.  Her chronic redness and acne is were even improved.

Thanks to the NAET treatments, not only are her hives gone, she is no longer craving sugar, she can wear metal jewelry that she couldn’t before, she has less seasonal allergies, and her digestion has improved.  She reports her ability to cope with stress has improved and she is getting more sleep.  She also attributes her improved heath to losing the baby weight faster than with her other previous children.


Left: Hives (12/14/13). Right: After NAET (3/3/14)