Heal Past Traumas

“I came to Emily Richmond after breaking my toe, a debilitating injury in my line of work. In addition to her Amma bodywork, she began teaching me EFT, or “tapping,” as I now refer to it. She explained that I needed to clear emotional trauma or blockages in order to heal the physical pain I felt, and EFT was one method she used to do that.

Through this simple and powerful tool, I’ve been able to get clear on all sorts of emotional and psychological issues that have plagued me for years, allowing clarity and the ability to reframe my thinking in more positive and constructive ways. With Emily’s guidance in learning to use EFT as a tool for myself, I’ve gotten to the roots of many long-standing problems, and can now use what I’ve learned on my own to deal with life’s little or big challenges as they arise, which has benefited and healed my physical body as well.

EFT is easy to learn and effective when practiced, and I would highly recommend learning it from Emily specifically, as she’s extremely intuitive, articulate, and practiced with this powerful tool.”