Food Versus Nourishment:  What’s the Difference?

By Esther Sears NP

It’s the weekend.  You have a lengthy list of tasks to complete and among them, the dreaded grocery shopping!  You rush through the store picking things that can be easily prepared, a frozen pizza, a loaf of French bread, peanut butter, canned tuna, some “healthy” frozen dinners, a few items for a salad, frozen peas, spaghetti and sauce and you are on your way.  Thank goodness that chore is done!

While it is true, you did buy food, the content may be far from nourishing.  You may, in fact, be sabotaging your efforts to be healthy and maintain a healthy body weight.  There is an enormous difference between “food” and “nourishment”.  Our bodies are screaming for adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and water so they can perform the cellular and physiological process that are necessary for us to live and enjoy good health.  When these needs are not met, our bodies will compensate for a period, but eventually we begin to see the signs of “malnourishment”.  These include osteoporosis, obesity (yes, you read that right), weakness and fatigue, muscle wasting, irritability, dry and flaking skin, brittle nails, depression, feeling cold, poor wound healing, and the list goes on!  This is why people in their fifties and 60’s often “hit the wall”. They have been eating a standard American diet most of their lives and after decades of small nutritional deficits, their bodies lose their ability to compensate.

Many of us have been brainwashed into the erroneous thinking that we can focus on “low fat diets” or “counting calories” with little regard to the quality of the food eaten.  Well the good news is that by eating the right foods and replenishing the micronutrients that have been missing for so long, we can ensure that our bodies are getting their nutritional needs met and we can get on the path to better health.

If you are suffering from any of the signs of malnourishment, consider scheduling an appointment with me to implement a plan to regain or improve your health!