Flu Treatment Survey 2013

26 people received NAET treatments for seasonal influenza virus correlating to the 2013 vaccine.

flu treatment 2013

  • 15 people filled out the survey at the end of the flu season.
  • 14 out of 15 people did not get the flu.
  • 12 people were definitively exposed to the flu and 3 people suspected that they were exposed.
  • None of the 15 people received a conventional flu shot.
  • 15 people said they would recommend this event to others and that they all benefited from the adjunct naturopathic and herbal recommendations and NAET home treatment techniques for colds and flus.
  • Of the people that used the NAET home treatment techniques for colds, all of them felt that it helped shorten the duration of a cold or that it prevented other family members from getting ill.
  • Note: One person reported contracting the flu. Her husband was treated with NAET as well, was exposed to her illness, but didn’t get sick himself.
  • Ages of NAET Flu Treatment participants ranged from newborn to 92 years old.

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