Even the Mayo Clinic Couldn’t Help

I have energy, I no longer feel heavy and dragged down.  For 7 years, I have been exhausted – my life was debilitated by my brain fog and extreme fatigue. My ability to concentrate has improved tremendously and my energy is fantastic.  I can now do chores and projects at home that I neglected for years. I tried many other conventional and alternative treatments, I even went to the Mayo clinic and OHSU, with no results. I felt hopeless before NAET with Emily Richmond Yuen.

My nerves now feel calm. I am no longer constantly on edge. I am much more adaptable and able to cope with stress. Simple things bothered and irritated me, even sounds. I am now desensitized to these sounds that made me want to run away. Before NAET I wanted to be away from everyone because it was such an effort to interact. Now I am fine and enjoy going to family gatherings and talking to people.

I used to feel so defensive and physically shaky and tingly around stressful interactions. I can now stay calm and focused in tough situations.

Emily helped me identify my sensitivity to my pet. She also helped me get chemicals like laundry soaps and toxic cleaners out of my house. So far I have had about 37 treatments.

Other issues that have improved or resolved:

  • Rosacea on my face has decreased and the rashes went away
  • I was surprised to notice my hair started growing in on my scalp
  • Sinus congestion has gotten better, I used to get up several times at night to clear my throat
  • My shortness of breath has improved- I am no longer gasping for breath
  • My hands used to shaky most of the time- now this is rare
  • My body no longer tingles all over
  • For the first time I could feel the refreshing feeling of cut grass, it was so pleasant

Thank You!