Emotions Were Stopping Me from Overcoming Food Sensitivities

“EFT has allowed me to gain control of negative emotions and release thoughts that have been subconsciously affecting my life. Emily Richmond (Yuen) introduced me to EFT during my allergy desensitization treatments with NAET. Although I portray myself as a stable, friendly, and happy person to the outside world, I tend to swallow my emotions and not talk about things that bother me.  Emily’s intuition about my holding on to past experiences and their effect preventing overcoming food sensitivities was very enlightening.  It has helped me work through internalized anxiety about a long-distance holiday visit from my family and about my long-standing and repressed fear of death.  It also helped me release negative emotions (anger and sadness) associated with a childhood trauma.  She helped me find the right words and feel confident taking on big issues that I didn’t feel prepared to do on my own.  During a panic attack, Emily was able to guide me through EFT to stop it and be come relaxed.  It was an amazingly quick recovery.  I believe that anyone can learn EFT through books and websites, but I would recommend working with a trained EFT therapist, like Emily, to really learn, understand, and experience the difference it can make.”