Emotional Freedom Technique for Addiction, Depression, ADD and Anxiety

Doing Emotional Freedom Technique with Emily Richmond (Yuen) changed my life. I have used EFT for many situations and topics including quitting drinking, smoking, managing my ADD, and transforming my life from low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts into a life that is full of joy and capable of adapting to stress and change.

I have haven’t smoked or drank in over 6 years.  I am now able to identify my triggers that start my negative thinking cycles and I am able to stop myself when I am acting from a place of fear and mistrust. Before working with Emily I was unable to hold down a job with set hours. I disappointed my clients, friends, and myself by being unable to keep my word and follow through with commitments. I was plagued by feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. I now have a great paying job that I love that has benefits and I am able to meet deadlines.

Before EFT, I had gone to PhD counselors weekly for years without being close to having the breakthroughs I experienced with EFT. Before EFT, I had felt that I was broken and that I could not be fixed. I no longer feel broken.

I believe that EFT helped me to learn to accept where I am in life. It has taught my brain to be able to cope and has helped rewire my thoughts to how I want to experience my world. I worked with Emily weekly for a several months while I overcame drinking. After that, sessions reduced to once or twice a month while I did EFT on my own regularly. Now I see her as new situations arise or as I am ready to work on a topic more deeply.

Thank you for helping me to enjoy living.