Emily Richmond’s bodywork made feel refreshed and peaceful

Emily Richmond’s (Yuen) bodywork made feel refreshed and peaceful.  I feel energetically reset after her treatment. My knee was hurting from a sports injury and now feels great. I am able to return to sporting activities like skiing. She taught me how to move my body without re-injuring it while it is healing.  She is highly intuitive and gifted at finding the areas that need worked and understands how to facility healing. I also suffered from weekly chronic nose bleeds. Emily taught me how to stop the nose bleeds and dealt with the underlying issue and now I only have nose bleeds twice a year. Before receiving bodywork regularly I would get cold sores once a month that lasted for two weeks. I now only get them 3 times a year and she taught me how to make them go away faster using Emotional Freedom Techniques and herbs. I used to be anemic and would bruise easily. She taught me what foods and herbs to take to strengthen my blood. I am far less clumsy now and don’t bruise easily. I have more energy and my periods are my better. My immune system is working better and I rarely get colds now. Traditional Chinese Medicine is amazing.

S. R.