EFT Blows Me Away

By Emily Richmond, ABT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping or EFT) has offered me a tool to help stabilize clients and allow them to dig deeply into unresolved issues, phobias, pain and anxieties. It has been an honor to help people with everything from high work stress, grief, feelings of unworthiness, to childhood trauma and neglect. I am constantly surprised by what the body is capable of healing and how EFT is such a positive tool for that process.

How is what I offer different from online EFT?

  1. I am not working off of a script. Together we identify the emotions, where in your body you are holding the emotions, and memories of other events that are being triggered. Then we set realistic goals, steps and strategies to help you move from where you are today to where you would like to be. We don’t overreach and we keep progressing as you are ready to move on.
  2. I use my 16 years of health care experience and intuition to help me phrase informed questions to you to help you figure out the root cause. This allows the patient to explore and not attach to things that don’t resonate with them.
  3. Being able to talk and release is validating. Using the acupressure points while saying what you feel really helps the releasing process. Being heard and seen is validating. Having a therapeutic relationship to witness and support you is reassuring.
  4. My goal is to release, not retrigger. We work together to pick which subjects are ready to be processed. We focus on the release and reprograming of these events and memories and allow plenty of time to get through them safely. These tools allow you to leave in a better emotional state than when you arrived.
  5. The stage of refilling and reprogramming is key. Just weeding the garden isn’t enough. We take all the cleared-out spaces and plant the skills, tools and strengths needed to face similar triggers, while maintaining clarity, discernment and staying grounded.
  6. After reprogramming we stop and reevaluate. Revaluation allows us to find what your original emotions and feelings have morphed into and to go back and deal with anything that got unearthed in the process. The revaluation process is used multiple times, the final revelation allows you to leave with homework to explore or it helps us have an idea of what we will check in about next session to determine if it needs more work at that time.

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