Dramatic Improvement in Energy, Digestion and Pain Levels

After completing the Basic 15 NAET treatments with Emily Richmond Yuen  I now definitely feel improvement in my health. The changes came slowly; sometimes I wondered if anything was happening at all. Emily had cautioned me that the progress would be slow at first but to watch for changes. I think it was about the 7th or 8th treatment that I really could say I was beginning to see noticeable improvement. Now, at the end of the Basic 15, I feel a definite overall improvement. My husband and daughter very pleased with my results so far as well and support me continuing with NAET treatments with Emily.

I have felt a huge improvement in my energy level. It is such a dramatic change that my whole family recognizes the improvement. I no longer need to take naps. I no longer need or want to cry at the end of the day from exhaustion. I have the energy to start AND complete projects. I even have the energy to complete the clean-up at the end of laborious projects! I cannot remember when I didn’t leave some clean-up for a later time. I even have energy to spend with my family at the end of the day.

My health concerns left me feeling hopeless and out of options before NAET. I had exhausted the regular medical avenues seeking for improvements. I have a fabulous doctor and even she was frustrated with the lack of improvement. I had completed 4 years of allergy injections without much improvement to my quality of life. I had a number of food allergies which made dining out or with friends nearly impossible. Even my mother preferred NOT to try to provide me a meal! After hearing Emily share how NAET changed her life I felt inspired to try it with her. I am so happy I did.

My swelling and joint pain continues to decrease. My clothes are fitting better.

The pain in my liver from a chronic infection is gone after 28 years.

I typically suffer from chronic sinus infections. I didn’t get a single one this summer even through an allergy season that included thick smoke from nearby forest fires, which meant no need for antibiotics! Because NAET has helped my body become naturally better balanced it is able to rebalance itself and naturally fight infections.

My digestion is so much better. I am finally regular and consistent. I now have significantly less pain, gas, and bloating. I attribute much of my new found energy and well being to the improvement in my digestion.

In addition to NAET, it has been delightful to learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from Emily as well. I have learned this simple, easy to use method to manage my emotional state and physical pain. EFT didn’t take years of practice and expensive therapy to learn and apply. I am repeatedly amazed by how simple it is to release big emotional issues that I have held as physical pain in my body.

– SA