ADHD, Cold Sores, Depression and Addiction

NAET with Emily Richmond Yuen helped my inattentive ADHD so much that I am able to hold down and desk job and work on my Masters in Business.

As a child I had a reaction to a vaccine. I had seizures and a fever. I was constantly sick as a child and suffered with ADHD.

As an adult I was allergic to vitamin C, was constantly getting cold sores, had seasonal allergies, and struggled with alcohol. I had terrible memory issues, low ferritin levels, nose bleeds and depression.

I had to run my own company in order to accommodate my constant need to get up and move and shift from one subject to another – I could not have a desk job.

After 15 to 20 NAET treatments I was able to focus so much better that my business was thriving. I later sold my company for a profit! I now work for a successful company and sit at a desk 40 – 50hours a week. I have received several promotions. I love my job and I couldn’t have done it without NAET. I even found when returned to the Master’s program I started years ago, that it was so much easy this time around.

I was also able to give up drinking and smoking six-years ago as I no longer needed to calm myself down. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) really helped with that as well.

I can take Vitamin C, I rarely gets cold sores, my seasonal allergies are under control, I no longer get nose bleeds, my memory is better and my depression is so much better. I am better able to handle anxiety and stress and I have a stronger immune system.

– J.S.